about me.

I am currently finishing my masters in Design & Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

My passion lies in creating things with meaning, and design is the best way for me to achieve this. Even though, I have been through a technical education, I have always thought in a more creative way. As a result, my approach aims to combine them, to reach an inclusive result. Additionally,
having lived in many countries, I have experienced a multitude of cultures, from which I draw inspiration. This allows me to work efficiently in
multidisciplinary teams, as I am able to quickly adapt and fit into different environments.

My academic background is in mechanical engineering, product design and entrepreneurship. I also have 12 months of industry experience in a high-tech environment at EnOcean GmbH, as well as experience in the research field with a publication on the performance of solar panels. the performance of solar panels. In my free time I also enjoy working on personal projects and exploring my creative boundaries through various physical creations.

Georgios Goudelis